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Bio Services To Grow On.™

Chamness Technology has a demonstrated ability to take on the most difficult waste management, disposal and recycling challenges in the industry. We would be more than happy to put you in touch with any one of our customers and clients for an in-depth testimonial and reference of our professionalism of conducting business and job performance.​ If the testimonial source is underlined, please click on it to read full statement.

United States Composting Council

Chamness Technology was an early supporter of our Two Cents program which is a voluntary program in which compost producers agree to pay into a fund that will be managed by the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation (CCREF), an independent 501(c)(3). Chamness also consistently sponsors the USCC Annual Conference and supports other programs as well.

Chamness Technology also submitted art work which won the 2012 International Compost Awareness Week Poster Contest which inspires composters from around the world. This contest helps promote composting and the benefits of composting and compost use.  

Lastly, Chamness Technology has been a valuable asset to the state of Iowa in their quest to eliminate food scraps and organics from Iowa landfills. In the Iowa Statewide 2011 Waste Characterization Study prepared for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, food scraps was the most prevalent item landfilled by weight on a statewide basis. The Chamness Technology Eddyville Compost Facility has been and will continue to be instrumental in organics reduction from Iowa landfills.

Iowa Recycling Association

Words cannot express our gratefulness for your ongoing generosity through your monetary support and sponsorships, staff involvement in board meetings and events, and your willingness to serve the Association in any capacity deemed necessary to propel the Association forward. I would also like to commend you for your increased presence and continued efforts with organics recycling--a high priority in Iowa. With approximately 46% of the waste landfilled in the state being organic, you provide a valuable service to Iowa’s environment and economy.

Reiman Gardens, ISU, Ames, IA

"In its first year, the Town and Country Garden plantings at Reiman Gardens failed due to extremely poor soil conditions. After hand spading and working in six inches of Chamness Brand Compost the plants installed in the second season thrived. Just three years later, the Town and Country Garden now looks like a mature landscape, which would not have been possible without the improvements that the compost made to the soil structure."

Central College, Pella, Iowa

"We found that with the use of Chamness Brand Compost, we were able to take poor clay ground, incorporate four inches of compost into it and then top dress with about an inch to give us a good seed bed. When seeded it produced a decent grass stand on the driving range. Also, just using 1/2" to 1" as top dressing on some soccer fields helped these fields out tremendously."
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