Chamness Technology, Inc.
(515) 325-6133
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Bio Services To Grow On.™
Our products and services:
  • Composting
  • Compost for Sale
  • Wood Grinding
  • Land Application
  • Lagoon Dredging & Cleaning
  • Heavy Hauling
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Yard and Tree Waste Collection
Chamness Technology ® - 2255 Little Wall Lake Road, Blairsburg, IA 50034 - 515-325-6133
Welcome to Chamness Technology
Chamness Technology, Inc. is the expert in providing solutions to your non-hazardous waste management and recycling needs. We take pride in creating comprehensive solutions that are sustainable and customized to our clients in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Illinois.

Chamness Technology is the leader of the Chamness family of companies. Companies included in Chamness Companies are GreenRU - Organic Waste Diversion and Biosphere Technology. 
GreenRU provides clients with customized food waste recycling programs. 
Biosphere Technology is a leader in sustainable dinnerware and packaging products.
Together, Chamness Companies provide a complete solution for clients seeking to become zero-waste.

To learn more about each company, click on their logo below.

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