Chamness Technology, Inc.
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Bio Services To Grow On.™
Chamness has construction equipment for a variety of different projects. Our current equipment includes:

Chamness Technology ® 2255 Little Wall Lake Road, Blairsburg, IA 50034
•Semi Tractors   
•Dump Trucks  
•Roll Off Trucks  
•Pickup Trucks 
•Water Trucks   
•Equipment Service Van   •Tanker Trailers  
•Side Dump Trailers   
•End Dump Trailers 
•Roll Off Trailers  
•Walking Floor Trailers 
•Flat Bed Trailers  
•Utility Trailers  
•Roll Off Containers 
•Lagoon Pumps  
•Trash Pumps  
•Honey Wagons  
•Tool Bar Injection Systems •Field Discs  
•V Rippers

•Long Reach Back Hoe 
•Skid Loaders  
•Wheel Loaders  
•Fork Lifts  
•Tele Handlers  
•Mixing Wagons  
•Hose Reels  
•Chisel Plows 
•Farm Tractors  
•Wood Grinders  
•Screen Plants  
•Liquid Load Stands 
•Manure Spreaders  
•Paunch Presses  
•Box Scrapers  
•Sheep's Foot  
•Compost Turner  
•Compost Screening Equipment
Chamness Technology Dredge and Tanker Trailer
Chamness Technology Compost Turner
Chamness Technology Shear, used for breaking down large pieces of wood debris for grinding.
Chamness Technology Wood Grinder, Shear, and Loader.
Chamness Technology Long Reach Back Hoe, used for pulling material from lagoons and loading onto trailers.
Chamness Technology Semi Truck and Side Dump Trailer being loaded with finished compost for delivery.
Chamness Technology Semi Truck and Tanker Trailer.
Chamness Technology Loader moving compost.