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About Chamness Technology

Our Mission

Chamness Technology, Inc. is committed to providing economically and environmentally sound waste management solutions to our clients.

Company History

Gary Chamness founded Chamness Technology, Inc, in 1986. Mr. Chamness recognized the need of commercial clients for progressive and efficient disposal of non-toxic waste. CTI has developed the expertise to solve non-hazardous waste handling problems for government, industry, and agriculture. Our trained and experienced personnel, combined with our modern fleet of environmental services equipment, provide composting, dewatering, dredging, and land application solutions for our customers. We are continually searching for new methods and technologies offering state-of-the-art sustainable solutions to our ever expanding customer base.

We study, test and generate answers to a wide variety of waste management issues. Our clients include leaders in the agriculture and industry, who seek responsible and sustainable management of their waste products.
Gary Chamness, CEO & Founder of Chamness Technology, Inc.
Gary Chamness, CEO & Founder
Chamness Technology ® 2255 Little Wall Lake Road, Blairsburg, IA 50034
​Over the years, Chamness Technology, Inc. has partnered with many different clients across the U.S. and helped each of these clients consistently keep mass amounts of recyclable materials out of landfills.