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Bio Services To Grow On.™
Chamness Technology Services
We are committed to developing mutually beneficial long term business relationships with our clients. These relationships are dependent on the honesty and integrity of all of our employees, from the driver to our owner. We look forward to showing you what Chamness Technology can do for your organization. We offer the following services:
Compost Turning
Lagoon Dredging
Land Application
Wood Grinding
Heavy Hauling
Composting is the process of recycling organic matter, such as yard and food waste, by allowing it to decompose and form a nutrient-rich soil amendment called compost. As organic feedstocks are received at our facilities, they are processed and combined with other organic materials into the appropriate mixtures for composting. Chamness uses compost windrow turners to produce compost on a large scale.
Chamness Technology offers land application services to a variety of industries. We can land-apply various biosolids materials including wastewater, sludge, and biowastes. At our land application sites, Chamness applies both dry product and liquid products for the agriculture markets in and around the city limits. Chamness has the knowledge and the equipment to manage large-scale operations on-site and land apply the products.
Chamness Technology processing facilities take in yard waste, including brush, branches, leaves, wood waste like pallets, crates, and other unpainted or untreated wood. Chamness Technology has a demonstrated ability to manage the most difficult wood waste grinding, disposal and recycling challenges. We are capable of handling and executing any grinding waste management project in a timely, cost effective and ecologically sound method.  
Chamness Technology specializes in the removal and disposal of residual materials from lagoons, basins, tanks, confined space areas, and ponds. We are capable of quick mobilization and execution allowing us to accept projects with compressed schedules. We evaluate the scope of the job, determine volumes, do analyses, and take care of all local and state permitting.
Chamness Technology can handle all your Iowa heavy hauling needs. We are equipped to haul rock, aggregate, sand and gravel, limestone, manure, brush/trees, compost, and other materials. Our fleet of equipment includes semi trucks with side dump trailers, front end loaders, dozers, and excavators.
Chamness Technology ® 2255 Little Wall Lake Road, Blairsburg, IA 50034